Can Drinking Red Wine Really Help You Lose Weight?

Red wine is not only a natural and delicious beverage – it is also a source of nutrients. There is extensive research surrounding it and plenty of evidence of how beneficial it can be to human health when consumed in moderation. A recent trend is also promoting red wine as an elixir for a supple figure. Is there any truth in such claim?

Red wine effects on health

Red wine drunk regularly in small quantities is known to protect your cardiovascular system. It keeps your heart and arteries in good health. It also promotes better blood circulation. The Mediterranean diet involves drinking a few sips or red wine regularly with meals and everyone knows that it helps people stay healthier and live longer.

Antioxidants like Resveratrol become more active thanks to the fermentation process and are easier to absorb. These have a complex role. A recent Washington State University study showed that Resveratrol and similar compounds led mice to store 40% less fat.

As observed by professor Min Du, Resveratrol given to mice has changed the so-called white fat into beige fat, which is the kind that’s used by the body (burned) to produce energy. This leads to weight loss. There is a significant metabolic advantage you could be getting from wine. The white variety doesn’t have the same nutrient makeup.

In addition, the ellagic acid in dark grapes is known to slow down fat cell formation. Metabolic disorders like a fatty liver were alleviated more easily with – surprise – a little bit of wine, consumed regularly. If alcohol is a no-no for you, then consider dark grape juice or fresh grapes. However, the effects were only noticed on animals so far – research on humans is still lagging.

It is true, however, that populations which tend to have red wine in their diets don’t have high obesity rates. There is indeed a connection between nutrients and especially antioxidants and polyphenols in wine, which boost the fat burning process, thus avoiding obesity. The Oregon State University researched Muscadine grapes and their connection to the metabolism of fat cells, so you may want to look that up and see for yourself.

weight loss drinking red wine

Lose weight with red wine

In general, any alcoholic beverage is said to help one gain more pounds, since alcohol in itself has plenty of calories, not to mention other fattening ingredients in drinks and especially additions like sugar in liquors. Alcohol is high calorie, period. This being said, isn’t it a bit of a contradiction to claim that wine can get you to lose weight? Not exactly so.

First, there was anecdotal evidence that it would have an effect in slimming efforts. The facts provided above were also giving hope to overweight people. The effect, though, largely depends on your unique body and your daily habits. The recommendation for slimming is to have one, maximum two glasses of red wine two hours after dinner, with no food. Doing this regularly is said to help you shed extra pounds of fat.

When and how to drink red wine for weight loss ?

The ideal moment is before bedtime but two hours after dinner. Refrain from drinking during the day. In addition to providing you with minerals and vitamins, having a glass of wine before bed will make you sleep soundly and a good sleep is essential to your health.

It’s the key to regulating your metabolism and burning fat more consistently. It does help people with insomnia but, on the other hand, it prevents some from reaching the deep sleep cycles, which isn’t a good thing. To stay safe, drink no more than two glasses and don’t forget that one glass can have about 130 calories – they still count.

All in all, a habit like this can still be tricky and there is no actual guarantee that you will begin to lose weight. The main reason is that you should have dinner really early in order to digest it and drink the wine on an empty stomach, as you should.

When combined with food, wine can be fattening, as it interferes with nutrient absorption and fat storing. The top recommendation is to have it before going to sleep, on an empty stomach, which is kind of hard, considering that food passes into the intestine after at least two hours of digestion. You need to be careful, otherwise you risk doing more harm than good.

Wine can also cause hunger, so make sure you drink it late enough and don’t make another trip to the fridge. No snacking is allowed.

red wine lose weight

How to burn more fat ?

Wine alone isn’t the solution to getting leaner. As mentioned, you have to avoid snacking, but not only that. Controlling your diet overall will get you fewer calories and fattening foods so you absolutely need to focus on that. Also, being more physically active is a must.

red wine weight lossYou have to exercise common sense whenever you are trying to reduce your weight. What wine can really do for you, without the shadow of a doubt, is to give you key nutrients and regulate or boost certain processed within your body.

Thus, there’s going to be a positive domino effect that will improve your overall health and possibly fitness too, if you’re giving it the chance. Consider it like a precious elixir that can give you that ‘extra’ in order to reset your inner mechanisms or power them up.

Regular wine drinking will get your body to function much better and thus fat burning will come naturally and with a lot less effort.

It’s a rich drink that may even be considered ‘food’. It will give a much needed boost in the case of overweight people who are also leading a sedentary life, so they can burn fat with more ease.

Losing weight is a complex matter and many factors go into it, therefore one ingredient alone may not get you there. Still, wine is very good to add to your diet and will never do any harm, unless it’s in excess or interferes with medication.