D-BAL by Crazy Bulk Review – Does it Work ?

If you are active in the gym or been passionate about bodybuilding, you have probably heard of Dianabol.

It is one of the oldest steroids – a formula with a spectacular effect on muscles, yet with so many and so dangerous side effects.

It is one of those products that gave steroids a really bad reputation. Dianabol is otherwise known and Methandrostenolone and D-BAL mimics its effects.

What is D-Bal?crazy bulk dbal


D-Bal is a Crazybulk formulation meant to be a replacement product for Dianabol. In other words, it can help you build muscle mass just like steroids would, which is a most attractive prospect for bodybuilders.

It helps you build not only size but also strength. Besides your physical aspect, this improves how you carry out your workouts, too. In its standard packaging, you get 30 servings per bottle – meaning 30 capsules, which will cover only 10 days.

It can be ordered online with ease. The supplement is designed for weight lifters who ask more of themselves or for those who simply go to the gym regularly but do not see much of a change. Therefore hard-gainers should try this product and see the difference it makes.

Benefits of D-Bal

D-Bal has one main function – it increases nitrogen retention, and this compound is known to be one of the building blocks of protein. Thus, if you have been eating loads of protein but the results are not as expected, it could be a nitrogen issue that D-Bal solves. Superior nitrogen retention and protein synthesis act on the size of muscles as well as on the repair process.

You will find your recovery to be faster and definitely much more effective. This has a tremendous role in how you look after intense training periods. It has an effect similar to that of Dianabol but without all the negative consequences.

D-Bal does not affect your health and is made with 100% natural ingredients, as you can check yourself. With it, you can achieve fast muscle gains. It increases your drive, alertness, and stamina.

It is easy to take daily, with no need of injections or other risky and annoying practices. Apart from that, it contains a natural plant extract that acts on the testosterone hormone levels, to give you that edge that makes you perform better day by day.

D-Bal Ingredients

The D-Bal pills made by Crazybulk have the following ingredients listed on the bottle:

These are carefully selected ingredients that are quite common to the bodybuilding supplements market. They are oriented towards enhancing muscular mass, with the Tribulus Terrestris extract being a hormonal stimulant.

What it does is that it helps the body produce more testosterone, the hormone that gives more physical power and melts bodily fat more efficiently. This one has also been researched and its action is well known.

The BCAAs listed above are ideal for bulking, as one can see upon researching bodybuilding supplements. All in all, the formulation is aimed at muscle growth and enhanced repair after effort. All of the ingredients used are 100% natural.

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D-Bal side effects

Made only with safe ingredients, D-Bal is far from the classic steroids in terms of dangers. Besides that, pretty much anything on its list of ingredients is sourced from nature, which makes it easy to trust.

The fillers are lacking and so are the compounds that would affect hormone production negatively. This does not have any of those nasty side effects.

You must remember to take the capsules as recommended. The ideal method is to have 3 pieces with a glass of water. Make sure the timing is right: 45 minutes after every workout session because that is when the processes requiring nitrogen begin.

Do not take the capsules unless you are seriously committed to a workout routine. Also, you must have a good bodybuilder-style diet, with appropriate levels of protein (not necessarily from meat).

Does Crazy Bulk D-Bal Work?

D-Bal certainly comes as a surprise for most. It’s said to be strong, yet made with natural ingredients and lacking harmful effects. It increases nitrogen retention and thus it stimulates protein synthesis. As more nitrogen is retained within your muscle tissue, the cells become able to create more protein from the offered nutrition.

An anabolic environment is created. The action of its compounds is synergistic and targets the subtleties of the muscle-building process.

The first effect people notice is that of being able to train more, to last longer in the gym performing their muscle-building exercises. Then, comes muscle growth. It starts to work in about 3 weeks but only if you work out regularly.

This is indeed non-negotiable, as with all the other supplements for muscle building. Of course, not everyone puts the same amount of effort into their training, which is why results are often different. Considering that one package will suffice for only 10 days, you obviously need to order several of them and give it your time and commitment.


Is D-Bal Safe?

D-Bal by Crazybulk is the 100% safe and legal alternative to the world-famous steroid Dianabol. It does not contain any of the classic steroids so there is no reason to worry.

Besides, each ingredient in it is 100% natural so the formulation is completely friendly. What is harder to tell is whether the quantities are good or not.

If it was less than needed, then there would be no positive results with the pills. However, if the amounts happen to be too high, it may trigger certain side effects. It is yet unknown. The only foreseeable risk though is concerned with Tribulus Terrestris – too much testosterone may not be welcome.

Other than that, the BCAAs do not pose any real danger in the recommended quantities. Overall, the tests carried out so far show no toxicity. The product does not harm the liver, nor the kidneys.

It may be marketed and praised by some as a steroid-like product but you should not be misguided. It is an entirely different kind of product and therefore cannot pose the same threats.

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According to what people say, a minimum of 2 months of supplementation is necessary in order to enjoy the true power of D-Bal and to transform your body in the ways you desire.

You must also train intensely by lifting weights during this period. This supplement, like any of its kind, cannot have effects unless you push your body.

Muscle fibers only grow stronger when trained hard and pushed to the limit. The growth is actually caused by small tears in the tissue, that get repaired through the action of nitrogen and, consequently, protein.

Moreover, you must have a suitable diet, with the right quantities of macros (fat, protein, carbohydrates), which is going to provide most of your fuel for growth.

Some have noticed a change in their stamina, others saw that their exhaustion threshold is further away than it used to be. Initially, each individual can respond differently.

Within a few weeks, people notice that their workout routine has been powered up consistently and, not long after that, the muscular increase becomes obvious. Luckily, their mood was not altered in any way.

D-Bal Results

D-Bal is excellent for better protein metabolism, as it promises to be. Thus, it can help you make the most out of your protein-rich diet and build bigger muscles without putting more effort into your nutrition.

It takes only 30 days to see results you can measure. Do not expect this to be a replacement for a good diet or to proper muscle nutrition.

D-Bal is a supplement. It isn’t a protein powder either. It is rather aimed at completing your nutrition and giving you a kick, to become able to accomplish more.

According to the reviews, the feelings of consumers are mixed though. This can have a lot of reasons. Firstly, not everyone has the same training routine or dietary habits.

These two have a huge impact on how any fitness supplement works. However, the great news is that people aren’t reporting side effects (it was very unlikely anyway). The reviews lead to a natural conclusion: the results are, in the end, up to you.

D-Bal can give you a helping hand. What many have noticed is an accelerated thinning of their fat layer and that can have two causes. One id the training effort in itself; then comes the action of the pills and their capability to enhance muscle and to boost the fat-busting testosterone.

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D-Bal FAQ answered

  • Where can I get it?

You can order the pills on the official Crazybulk website.

  • Will it make me fat?

There isn’t any real chance for this to make you fat. In any case, when taking D-Bal, you must have an active lifestyle and exercise routinely.

  • Does D-Bal contain stimulants?

No, it is free of caffeine, taurine, and other such compounds. It only has Tribulus Terrestris extract, which stimulates testosterone production.

  • Does it have any harmful ingredients?

None. All the ingredients are entirely natural, well researched, and beneficial.

  • Can women take this?

Because the pills contain Tribulus Terrestris extract, it can have an unwanted impact on the female hormonal makeover. Thus, it is more advisable to stay away from it if you are a woman. If you are unsure, perhaps you should contact the manufacturer and ask directly about this issue.


D-Bal enhances your performance and gains in a time much shorter than other products made for bodybuilders. After all, it is designed to mimic the action of steroids. It is therefore what so many athletes are looking for and hoping to find, in a natural formulation though. This does seem to tick everything on the list.

Although it is based on whey and BCAAs, it is not your regular protein supplement. These pills should be taken only as directed and only for the said purposes.

If you are the type that needs to bulk but does not see much of a result with the given routine, if your diet and exercise schedule is on point, then you can try out this supplement and see what it does to you.

It cannot cause any harm – at worst you’ve lost the money you invested. Anyway, you should have patience and give it time because, even with the best nutrition possible, it still takes a while to build solid muscle and define your physique.

Should you buy D-Bal – yes or no?

It is understandable that one may not believe the hype or simply distrust the product. However, with D-Bal there seems to be enough convincing evidence that it works – at least for most.

It is made and sold by Crazybulk, a name well known in the fitness industry for its quality bulking supplements. The ingredients are natural and there are no stimulants like caffeine in the formula. Plus, you can benefit of loads of special offers.

For example, currently, you can get a third package for free if you buy two when ordering from the manufacturer’s website. In addition, the product is shipped with no additional costs to any country in the world.

Let’s see its benefits once again:

  • D-Bal is manufactured by a reputable, well-known brand.
  • It increases your strength
  • Powers up your recovery
  • Makes you more enduring
  • Boosts your nitrogen levels at the cellular level, thus increasing protein synthesis
  • Fights off fatigue
  • Takes up your performance level a few notches higher

These pills charge you for training better, with more stamina and more spectacular results. And the more muscle you build, the more fat you melt, considering the rapport between these two.

Be careful at what you find online with names like D-Bal or similar ones. There are many connected products but which have different compounds there are also counterfeit ones that do not do what they promise. Even worse, these fakes can be downright harmful, so buy only from trusted sources.

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  • Effectiveness - 9.5/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8.5/10
  • Price - 7/10
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