The Science Behind Effective Weight Loss through Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing appears to be one of those trendy procedures that help people feel healthier nowadays, much like detox and fasting. Apart from the obvious benefits, there seems to be a lot of colon cleanse weight loss propaganda around. If you cannot help but wonder whether this is true or not, read below.

 What happens in your colon ?

Besides the usual digestion and absorption function, your colon is where all food waste gathers. Besides that, there’s also the billions of gut bacteria and the waste they produce. The total waste inside the colon may reach a total weight of 5 ponds or more.

The bad news is that not all of it comes out to be dumped in the toilet. A significant part of it remains stuck to your gut walls, building up toxicity and impairing the normal digestive function. It’s like your intestine is suffocated if you’re not helping it clean out that waste. Colon cleanse procedures were proven to be of great help in this matter.

colon cleanse weight loss

 Why a colon full of waste is making you fat ?

It is never the primary factor in weight gain (overeating is), but it certainly helps pack on the pounds. First of all, when residue sticks to the intestinal walls, they block normal functions. Because those walls are permeable, toxins may reach your blood (especially if you have a leaky gut) and generate health issues. Your body will be out of balance and therefore unable to have a fast metabolism.

Through a thorough colon cleanse, you can sweep away all these noxious chemicals and all the buildup, letting your colon “breathe” again. Researchers have also observed that a weighted colon impacts your daily mood. It is frequently noticed in depressive patients. The cleansing procedure helps one feel better, have more energy on a daily basis and therefore start an exercise program.

You will no longer feel as sluggish as you used to. Critics of the method claim that a colon cleanse isn’t necessary, since the body flushes out waste and toxins. This would be perfectly true if humans still had a proper, natural diet. Instead, our culinary habits changed so drastically during the past decades – nowadays we’re eating loads of processed food, with alarming quantities of additives.

We cannot properly deal with it, nor with the dangerous waste it produces. Part of it simply sticks to our intestine walls. This is what makes cleansing so important. People on a correct diet hardly need the procedure.

Lose weight with the colon cleanse procedure

When done regularly, colon cleansing (colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy) can keep excessive fat at bay. Practitioners tell that after the procedure, the patient has multiple bowel movements – up to 6 per day. Thus, they can see it works.

This is the normal waste evacuation process. During the following days, you can lose about 10 pounds of weight. This is mainly weight from your abdominal area – the waste that was weighing down your gut. Colon cleanse weight loss enthusiasts claim that, if you make the procedure regular and especially if you feed your body more correctly, you will also start losing stored fat from various bodily areas.

How to cleanse your colon more effectively

Besides the medical procedure, there’s a whole series of herbal supplements to help you out. Once you’ve chosen a supplement, follow the protocol for at least ten days. You’re not supposed to take it only once, it won’t be effective.

Products with Psyllium husks or hemp seeds are known to work well. Also, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The water and fiber these contain will wash away the residue more effectively. According to Mayo clinic gastroenterologist Dr. M. Picco, the colon cleanse procedure can cause dehydration. For this reason, it is important to drink as much water as you can, which will also perpetuate the positive effects.

Different cleansers, different results

A powerful colon cleanse may instantly remove up to 6 pounds of waste. Results largely depend on the chemical profile of the liquid being used. The coffee cleanse is currently getting loads of attention.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology has published several studies on various substances used for the procedure, with a focus on safety. Do not attempt to perform a colon cleanse at home. Talk to a qualified physician and ask about the different options available. In addition you need to make sure the concoction used will not interfere with any preexisting conditions you may have.


A colon cleanse will firstly get you rid of accumulated fecal matter. It won’t magically melt away fat on your belly, arms, thighs etc. to get rid of that excessive weight, you need to adopt a better diet and start moving.

It might be easier to do so when your large intestine isn’t weighed down. For that, you need consistent change and patience. Choose an experienced professional who is able to work carefully. The procedure involves introducing a tube up your “rear entry” to irrigate and flush out waste.