The Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey: An Inside Look

Not everybody is familiar with Chrissy Metz. Those who watch the top-rating US show This is Us know her as Kate Pearson. In the series, her storyline is deeply rooted in her relationship with her father and her weight loss journey.

According to Chrissy Metz, it is Kate’s struggle with body image and weight that instantly connected her to the character. The role brought her fame and made her an inspiration as she shared her struggle with weight. Anybody who is dealing with the same issue can relate to her story..

For this reason, Chrissy Metz has become a voice for females who are not blessed with a naturally slim body. How did she do it? What is the secret to what Chrissy Metz is today?

Chrissy Metz weight loss

Chrissy Metz and Her Struggle with Weight

Chrissy Metz said in an interview that she was born chubby, and although she was thinner in some stages of her life, she dealt with body shaming growing up.

The word “fat” has become a nightmare for her. She even went to Weight Watchers at eleven, which was very awkward for her because she was the youngest. Even if Chrissy was active in sports, food is her comfort. Happy or sad, food is her way of expressing how she felt.

Her weight persisted as a significant issue throughout her life. Although she was trying to lose weight, the weight kept building up. Adding to her ordeal was the pressure from her stepfather to lose weight as he found her body size unappealing and unacceptable.

He conducted weight checks, shamed her, eventually hit her because her weight was not going down. This struggle made her a constant target of bullies and made her lose her confidence.

Unexpected Turn of Events

Despite her weight issues, it did not stop Chrissy from pursuing her dreams. She is a talented singer, and she loves acting. By the time she became an adult and ventured into showbiz, she was a size 12.

This set her up for typecasting, and the offers were only a few. Her manager recommended she lose at least 50 pounds to get more roles.

As more rejections came, Chrissy Metz was eating her feelings away and led her to have severe depression. Over time she gained a hundred pounds more instead of losing them.

She sunk further into depression, and on her 30th birthday, she had a panic attack and was hospitalized. It was when she had an epiphany. She vowed to reclaim her life and ultimately led to her beating depression.

The star committed to a weight-loss regimen and lost a hundred pounds within five months. It includes eating 2,000 a day and walking for 20 minutes every day.

Slowly, she regained her confidence. Her career also began to take off with a recurring role in the movie “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” This recurring role kick-started her career, and also changed her mindset.

The role required her to wear a fat suit, which made her fear that someday she will get so fast that it would be difficult for her to fit through door frames.

Chrissy Metz vowed never to do that to herself and became more committed to attaining healthy body weight. This effort eventually paid off.

The doors opened for Chrissy for a life-changing role as Kate Pearson in the series “This Is Us” in 2015. This role of a woman in her late thirties struggling with weight issues resonated with her as she has experienced Kate’s struggle in the real world.

The contract also called for Chrissy to lose weight along with the character, a clause that worked with her well. There was no pressure for her to comply with the clause and target a weight goal.

Instead, they created a flexible weight loss plan that would ensure that she loses weight along with her on-screen alter ego.

Chrissy felt connected with her character in the drama series. She explained that because losing weight was a prerequisite, there is no way she could do it other than to take the matter seriously.

At the same time, the actress never wanted her fans to get the wrong message or wanted them to believe that they should conform to the beauty standards set by the glamour world.

She insisted that whether she lost weight or not, what the audience was seeing was her choice to be healthy.

The actress also insisted that she believed having a plus size, curvy, voluptuous, or big body is not attractive but sexy and awesome.

That self-confidence and self-esteem from a woman who overcame depression made her an inspiration for many people.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Secret

Before her major Hollywood debut, Chrissy Metz’s weight was 399 pounds or 181 kilograms. Her weight compounded due to her severe depression and lack of self-esteem.

When she suffered a panic attack and was hospitalized, she realized that she needed to take her life back and lose weight.

Chrissy believes that no one is perfect, and she doesn’t have to beat herself for liking food or if she ate certain foods. Instead, learn about her eating habits.

According to her, people always turn to food with their feelings. If they are angry, they want to eat crunchy foods and ice cream when they want to soothe themselves.

All they need to do is recognize this behavior. And when something is not right about it, they don’t need to change everything. They just move forward.

When asked about her weight loss secret, Chrissy doesn’t have any. She also did not invite the idea of going under the knife or opt for a shortcut. All the weight she has lost so far is at her own pace and initiative.

Instead, she imparts the following principles that helped her to lose weight without pressure. For Chrissy, you should have a healthy relationship with yourself. From then on, everything else will follow. Here is her advice to those who struggle with weight issues.

Chrissy Metz weight loss journey

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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Healthy Food

Always be mindful of what you eat. Whether it is a snack to a hearty dinner, your food should be healthy. Another thing that you should avoid is emotional eating. Learn how to confront your feelings and not turn to food for comfort.

Workout Routine

Because of her weight, Chrissy is not into physical activities. Instead, she created a routine of walking for 20 minutes daily in the beginning. When she noticed that this activity is giving her positive results, she incorporated running into the routine.

Don’t Cry Over an Excess Weight

Crying over your excess weight will not help you lose weight. Don’t let the weighing scale stress you out. Instead of getting affected by what you see on the display, continue your plan, and move forward.

Chrissy has no specific weight goal. She doesn’t believe that it is important. Instead, what is important for her is to determine what makes her happy and how to get it. What is important for her is how to be happy in any size.


This is a powerful motivation because no one can love you but yourself. Accept who you are and begin working on how you can shed some extra pounds. Wallowing in self-pity will not help, but self-love will.


Pressure is too much to handle, even for a healthy human being. For someone who is overweight, it is worse. Remember that losing weight does not happen overnight, and it takes time. So, you need to be patient and do not waiver. Every individual has their own pace on how they respond to the efforts done.


When Chrissy was hospitalized, she found relief in meditation that also helped her to lose weight. It kept her focused on getting better and helping herself to be healthy.

Diet Plan

Chrissy’s diet does not involve making major changes in what she ate. Instead, she adjusted her diet and lifestyle. Her diet plan involved avoiding unhealthy food that has no nutritional value and avoiding sweets and sugary drinks.

Instead, she replaced them with aerated drinks and natural beverages like lime water or fresh juices without added sugar. She also ate more protein-rich foods and limited her food intake to 2,000 calories a day.

With this plan, Chrissy Metz was able to lose 100 pounds in just five months.


Chrissy Metz is an inspiration for people. She was very vocal about her weight-loss experience and self-image. In her memoir, This is Me: Love the Person You are Today, the actress was very candid about her weight-loss journey throughout her life.

She is someone whom people can look up to when they have lost hope and believe that there is nothing they can do with their weight.

As a plus-size woman, Chrissy Metz has shown that you could be successful if you put your heart and mind into it.

You only need to learn to accept that not everybody is blessed with a trim body. With self-acceptance and confidence, you can stand naked in front of the mirror and love yourself.

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