A Brief Guide About Fat & Carb Blockers And How Do They Work On Your System

Many people feel a continuous motivational impulse to solve the issues related to weight in their bodies.

Most of them are drawn to magical solutions offered by pills and supplements. Let’s put knowledge in your hands so you can figure out if they are the right fit for you.

Let’s begin with this guide with the right footing and some hard facts: you probably are one of the many people out there asking just how do carb blockers work.

While it would be wonderful for us to tell you that the level of science and technology developments out there has allowed for the magic pill that solves our weight issues has been finally found, sadly such is not the case.

This hasn’t stopped a lot of scientists, researchers, and developers from trying though. While many of these guys still work on a breakthrough, they have been discovering, developing, and selling the next best thing for years.

A quick search online will reveal just how many fat blocker pills are being sold out there. Many of these products are marketed as magic solutions that will not deliver as advertised if the person who takes them doesn’t follow a diet regime and do some exercise.

As a matter of fact, this is almost a key complement for each of these fat blocker supplements to work in some fashion.

Most of these products adhere to two marketing strategies and basic scientific principles that are not mean to collide with each other since every human being has a different chemical composition to their bodies.

The issues seem to derive from the fact that many of these products follow these principles as if they were universal features of each individual, which is not the case: every single one of us is unique from a medical point of view and as such, not every medical compound is meant to have the same effects on all of us.

Still, most of these products are worth taking a look at, especially the ones that hold down some level of reputation.

While the internet has made advertising easily, independent retailers always allow users of these products to express their opinions and if you pay close attention to them, you’ll be able to discern the good fat blockers from the fake ones.

fat blockers

Carb and Fat Blockers – Are They the Same Thing?

A quick answer to the main question made in the subheading would be “not at all” allow us to explain why: The two universal scientific facts regulating nearly every fat blocker supplement or carbohydrate blocker pill out there is that either you gain weight by consuming too much fat or that you gain it by consuming too many carbs.

The first one has become the stepping stone of almost every low-fat product out there, especially low-fat versions of regular food ingredients. The second one has become the rule of thumb of one too many fat diets, some of them promoting some very unhealthy practices.

The reality behind these pills and supplements is that none of them will work the same on everyone. Scientific studies have already proven that not every type of fat out there is harmful for human consumption.

The same principle holds behind carbohydrates since it’s been proven that the regular consumption of them is necessary so our bodies can release certain hormones into our bloodstream and function properly.

The weight gain happens in every one of us due to certain hormone imbalances and that works in a very unique way given the type of metabolism we have.

Gathering all this info leads to the logical conclusion that the answer to the question is “no”: carb blocker and fat blockers are not the same things at all.

The right approach that each one seems to have taken to help with weight issues, however, is still under heavy study with no conclusive results at the moment.

However, the scientific community seems to agree so far that the consumptions of these products can’t do any harm in the long run and certainly most of them will achieve the desired effect if they are companions to a dietary regime and periodical physical activity.

Giving in to the Trend – How Carb and Fat Blockers Work?

Both of these supplements work at intestinal levels. Depending on which one you are taking and the ingredients contained on them they will usually act in one of two ways: they will target an individual enzyme used to digest a specific nutrient and keep it from doing its job, or it will directly target fat and carb molecules and bind them to prevent it from being absorbed by the digestive system.

The first approach is helpful to break down the basic components such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins out of your meals and get the best of them. The second one helps to get some hold on weight gaining, but it can disrupt the nutritional intake of food ingredients.

This could be problematic in the long run since our digestive system could crash for lack of nutrients.

Which are the Best Carb & Fat Blockers out There?

The choice of supplements to control your weight is nearly endless, the offerings come in a nearly infinite number of presentations and forms. Most of them bear offerings of magical solutions that are bound to leave you really disappointed if your first impulse is to embrace these alternatives without proper guidance.

It’s your job to take a safe approach to these treatments by doing some research and consulting a professional about the pros and cons.

Certainly, the best thing that most reviewers will be able to point out is how many of these products have natural ingredients on them. If you manage to collect information on your own you can learn the truth behind the ingredients of any given supplement.

Almost every one of these pills and capsules contains more than one plant working as a natural carb blocker along synthesized versions of chemical compounds generated in our bodies to boost their functions.

There are also alternatives working in conjunction with these same compounds alongside one or two natural fat blocker to regulate the nutritional intake of our meals, but results will only be achieved if we have a clear strategy about what we are doing.

With that being said, we can recommend the following products if you wish to pursue weight loss or keep in check those few extra pounds that can accumulate in no time:

meratol carb blockerMeratol

What is Meratol and How Helpful it is to Lose Weight?

A basic explanation of what is Meratol would be to define it as a weight loss supplement to help anybody manage their appetite and boost their metabolism by making it more prone to burn calories with even the most basic physical activity.

The compound also helps our digestive system to excrete fat out of our bodies by using most bodily secretions such as sweat, urine, and excretion.

The pills are regarded as one of these versatile “do it all” medications that can help our systems by enhancing our senses to reduce fatigue, improve our awareness, and boost our energy.

The proper way to ingest Meratol is by washing it down two capsules with a glass of water, first thing in the morning each day for at least a month. The main ingredients of the supplement are Cactinea, Medicago, Sativa L, Nopal, Caffeine, and Ascophyllum Nodosum.

It comes presented in a single bottle containing 60 capsules and it’s readily available on their own website or in Amazon.com. Each capsule of this fat blocker supplement contains 885mg of powder blending the ingredient previously named in an explosive package that is better handled by our digestive systems just before breakfast.

As for the purposes of each ingredient, here is a brief description of how each one of them helps you lose weight on their own:

  • Cacticena Powder: It helps prevent water retention by reducing bloating and avoiding water weight gain.
  • Medicago Sativa L: A special type of algae that improves the intake of fiber from every food and makes the digestion process more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Nopal: A special type of cactus that can help suppress the appetite and breaks down body fat on meals during the day by making it soluble through our secretions.
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum: this one boost the metabolism by consuming calories more quickly, this means a better distribution of the energy contained in your meals. It also enhances your immune system.
  • Caffeine: You already know it as the main ingredient of coffee. The properties of caffeine are also tied to appetite suppression and a special boost of energy through the day.

Proactol XSproactol xs fat blocker

What is Proactol XS and How Can it Help me Shed Some Pounds?

Proactol XS is commonly known around the web as a fat binder, weight loss supplement produced by Bauer Nutrition.

The compound comes presented as a pill with multipurpose functions that help your digestive system work around the obstacles that allow the accumulation of body fat in certain body areas.

The fat blocker pills also have the ability to suppress your appetite and redirect the amounts of vitamins, proteins, and minerals from every meal to get the best value out of them in terms of overall usage of energy for your body.

The recommended intake of Proactol XS is two pills before each meal washed down with a full glass of water for as long as three months, the pills are designed to constrain the absorption of fat and carbs in your digestive system by breaking down glucose particles into smaller bits that can be easily handled by your stomach.

The main ingredients of the pill are mostly natural compounds such as Opuntia Ficus-Indica, Silica, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate, Micro Crystalline Cellulose, Povidone, and Magnesium Stearate.

The main effect of each of these ingredients and how each one of them contributes to a weight loss process is detailed as it follows:

  • Opuntia Ficus-Indica: The main ingredient of each pill is also a very powerful natural fat blocker. It binds each fat molecule and enlarges it in size until it’s absorbed by your body to be excreted naturally.
  • Silicia: A backup compound to a substance that is naturally generated in our bodies that helps maximize the absorption of nutrients from every meal we eat while minimizing our natural induced craves for unscheduled treats
  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate: This compound helps remove everything that is superfluous to all meals by eliminating solid particles that could bring health issues in the long run. It also contributes to the sensation of feeling full.
  • Micro Crystalline Cellulose: A non-soluble compound that can regulate your appetite for up to 6 hours with no secondary effects.
  • Povidone: another backup compound meant to help Opuntia Ficus-Indica that allocates all fat particles into a single point on your body (commonly in your pelvic area) and breaks them down easier.
  • Magnesium Stearate: The compound itself is considered a calorie enhancer that boosts cholesterol present in your body, but combined with the other ingredients in the list it works as an energy booster that keeps your levels of awareness at their peak at all moments.

Closing Thoughts

As you can probably gather by now, fat blockers and carb blockers have very specific benefits. They offer different solutions given your personal circumstances.

If your diet is not working the way it should, even under medical supervision, these alternatives may be able to help you out by boosting your system and give you the fighting chance you need to beat your weight problems.

Remember that most issues related to our ability to manage our weight come from certain aspects related to instability in chemical compounds generated in our bodies such as glucose, insulin and the microbiome found in our intestines, so medical supervision will always be required to make sure we are treating the right problems with the right treatment.