Can You Melt Stubborn Belly Fat with CLA? An Honest Review

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is an Omega-6 fatty acid that occurs naturally in certain foods (usually in animal fat – eggs, meat, dairy, but also in the grass eaten by cows) but isn’t produced by the human body.

It is human-friendly though and nowadays seems to be included in weight loss protocols that promise people to get them rid of stubborn belly fat.

CLA has an effect on muscle growth and strength and can trigger fat loss at the same time. The famous Dr. Oz himself mentioned CLA to be an efficient fat burner and listed it among the best agents to help you with that, as it inhibits the LPL enzyme or lipoprotein lipase. If you’re interested it or concerned with CLA being a scam, read the following to understand where it’s coming from.

Why Dr. OZ has advertized CLA for weight loss

Dr. Oz has observed the impact of CLA on the fat found the inside the abdomen, which coats our internal organs. When in excess, this type of fat can be very dangerous through its positioning and pose a serious threat to health.

The more you have it, the greater are the risks of inflammation. These internal fat cells can expand on their own once formed, even when you are dieting and no longer ingesting fattening foods. When CLA interferes, the expansion is stopped and fat is melted. At the same time, it has no effect on lean muscle, except for preservation, which is ideal in case of fat burners. Whatever is dissolved by it is then flushed out.

Dr. Oz did not present it as a unique solution to anyone’s weight problem though, but as an innovative, efficient means to help the fat melting process from the inside. Once this is accomplished, the circumference around the middle will have diminished and the body will be looking leaner, with better defined muscles.

How soon are results to be expected? The product should begin to work in no more than two weeks. To enjoy more visible results, give it more time than that.

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The benefits of taking CLA for weight loss

Food alone cannot provide enough CLA. The quantities one can ingest are insignificant. High potency supplements are needed because only high doses can act on the internal layer of fat stored around abdominal organs – perhaps the most difficult area to tackle.

It’s been said that CLA can simply dissolve stubborn deposits of fat, but how exactly does it achieve that? Apparently it has a complex action once absorbed by your gastro-intenstinal tracts. It gets to influence several bodily processes involved in fat storage and energy production. The main benefits of using CLA with regularity are:

  • It increases your metabolic rate,
  • boosts the immune system,
  • balances cholesterol levels,
  • decreases insulin resistance,
  • burn more fat, more rapidly.

Note that a dose between 3 and 4 g a day will lead to a body fat mass decrease – even around the abdomen. CLA is considered a “good trans fat”. The issue with it is that food no longer contains it in optimal quantities, which makes supplementation necessary.

The substance will work better when used along with other fat burners, such as green tea extract, which potentates its effect. CLA may not always provide the desired results on its own, especially if you’re not taking anything else, nor doing much to get in shape.

This supplement is said to act first on the abdominal region – a daring claim, which makes many individuals interested in the product. However, looking at its reviews quickly reveals a lot of consumers who noticed positive change. Perhaps the best approach is to wait and see what evidence trials will produce. Research is still at its initial stage.

How to take CLA

The product comes in capsule form. Many people claim they’ve had results with a single such capsule per day. It comes in plastic bottles of 90 caps, each capsule providing 1,000 mg of the active compound. It’s best to take 3 such doses spread throughout the day and always with food. Conjugated Linoleic Acid must not be overdosed in the hopes of obtaining superior results.

The downsides of CLA

In spite of CLA being marketed as a fat loss supplement, no one can really explain the mechanism – why it works the way product manufacturers claim to. In fact, there is no solid evidence of CLA being a true fat loss aid. Researchers believe it could be about the temperature.

More precisely, CLA does not act as a thermogenic (does not increase the bodily temperature) but gets to lower the temperature threshold at which fat begins to melt. It could also act as a blocker to fat cells.

CLA will work for 12 months and stop showing results after that. However, there are people who have taken it for as long as 24 months without side effects. Interactions are possible when taken with other kinds of supplements or medication, though.


CLA can help you lose weight through an interesting process. Apart from that, it is relatively inexpensive, if you compare it to similar products. Among other slimming supplements, it definitely holds a unique place. So far, it does not appear to be harmful or detrimental in any way.

It may not be exactly the solution you’ve been expecting though, since you are required to pair it with other slimming supplements, as well as stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. In fact, exercising will really power it up and make it worth the money.

However, if you really want to speed up weight loss, you should use fat burners like PhenQ or Phen375, which have been getting far more positive reviews, not to mention these products were backed by science for many years already. For sure, new solutions are going to come up as research progresses, but it takes time to verify every new product and establish its value.


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