Can I Stop My Belly From Growing Fat ?

lose belly fatYou might be surprised to know that everyone has belly fat. Shocked! Even individuals having flat abs have a small amount of belly fat.

Don’t’ worry, it is normal but a lot of belly fat can drastically affect your health and that too in ways different from other fats.

Of course, you know that fat is present right under your skin and other fat is stuck deep inside, right around your liver, lungs, and heart.

This deep block of fat is known as ‘visceral’ fat can be a real issue for many individuals, including slim ones too.

 Can Belly Fat Affect You?

It is necessary to have a certain amount of visceral fat as it is like a cushion for your organs. However, keep in mind that having a lot of such fat can be dangerous. You might end up in having heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, breast cancer, dementia, colon cancer, and the list goes on.  As per experts, this fat doesn’t simply just sit there. It remains active and starts to produce a lot of nasty substances.

Also, as you start to gain a lot of weight, immediately the body will store the fat at unusual places. So, what happens is that with increasing obesity, once the fat gets stored in the regular places, it will then start to get deposited at various organs especially on the heart, kidney, etc.

 Steps in Preventing Belly Fat Growth

  • Eating Nutritious Food

Always consume a nutritious diet which is filled with food items from various food groups like whole grains, lean protein, fruits, veggies, and reduced fat dairy. Never sacrifice nutrients just to avoid belly fat and to lose weight.

You can avoid or try to limit food items that increase belly fat, and these include the ones which are high in trans and saturated fats. Interesting these are commonly found in lard, butter, fatty meat, commercial and packed fast foods, etc.  Plus, you even need to avoid food that contain a high amount of sugar, cholesterol, and salt.

  • Balancing Calories

Do you know that by balancing the caloric intake, you can avoid gaining weight? Try to keep a watch on how many calories you are consuming every day. So, if you feel that you are gaining weight, just compromise on the amount of calorie that you are consuming every day.

A deficit of about 500 calories in a day can assist in losing about one pound each week. But if you are currently in your ideal weight and really want to avoid the fat tummy, then continue following the current calorie intake.

  • Getting Right Amount of Sleep

It is important to have a decent and correct sleep time for a healthy and active mind. There are various studies to prove it and certain ones do show that individuals who get around seven to eight hours of sleep each day have lower visceral fat in comparison to individuals who sleep for five or fewer hours each day or more than eight hours. Of course, sleep is not the major necessity, but it does make a great impact in losing belly fat.

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  • Schedule Exercise and Training

Along with the change in diet and sleeping pattern, you must schedule strength training for two nonconsecutive days in a week. While exercising, make sure that you are targeting the major muscles located in your chest, back, arms, legs, hips, shoulder, abdomen and the list goes on.

While exercise, you automatically stimulate the muscle tissues and it results in burning more calories and taking up less space in comparison to the fat. Also, you start to lose the unwanted fat by inches and pounds. Doing regular exercises and weight training like lunges, bench presses, pushups, squats, lat pulldowns, deadlifts, bent-over rows, etc will easily help in trimming your stomach.

  • Removing Stress

It is common for individuals to have stress, but how it must be handled remains important. There are various methods you can use to handle stress like relaxing with friends and family, getting counseling, exercising and meditating. With stress away from your life, you become healthier and start to make better choices in your life and career.

But some people lack the time from their busy schedule to blow off the stream. Of course, there are some who are wise enough to take some time in exercising as it relieves stress and removes obesity.

  • Controlling Food Consumption

It is important to practice controlling on what you eat as it helps to avoid consuming too many calories and increasing your weight. You can simply compare the portion that you eat based on the recommended service sizes present in the packaging labels of foodstuffs you consume. Based on it, you can reduce the consumption of what you eat.

  • Age Factor

Slowly, as you begin to reach the middle-age, the proportion of the body weight to body fat increases. Now, this is more common among women than in men. However, for both genders, the unwanted weight gets stuck around the midsection.

No doubt, you can’t slow down the aging process, but with a strict exercising regime, healthy diet, and good sleep, you can control the stomach fat.

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)fat belly loss

By adding HIIT to your cardio session, you can easily burn unwanted fat and optimize the calories.

Various studies have proven that HIIT helps in reducing the belly and body fat. While working out, try to maintain a balance between two-minute moderate exercise and one-minute intense workout.

For example, you can start with jogging and then move towards sprint or start with bicycling at a medium pace and then slowly increase the thrust.


Frankly, you don’t want to see yourself with a stomach that keeps bulging out. But it happens. When our life goes through the hectic schedule, a healthy lifestyle and diet take a back seat.

What happens is that you continuously gain weight. But the interesting aspect is you can control the factors leading to increasing weight with the tips given in this article and bringing a change into your lifestyle.