Diet Plan Based on Your Blood Group Type

blood type dietTo be a proud owner of a healthy body is something that every individual yearns for and a diet plan is part of being healthy.

Let it be exercising, dieting or anything that involves physical activity, people nowadays engage in everything possible to keep themselves in shape and enhance their immune system.

When it comes to diet plans, while some of them work inexplicably well in case of certain individuals, the same ones mysteriously end up adding weight in other people. However, there is one type of eating habit which goes to the root of the problem and focuses on an individual’s blood type.

A diet plan based on one’s blood group type originates from the concept that certain types of foods are particularly beneficial for certain blood group types. Such method of dieting was made famous by Dr Peter D’ Adamo, whose book ‘Eat Right for Your Blood Type ’ created a revolution in the weight loss marketplace.

This particular way of eating helps an individual to achieve his/her ideal body weight along with accomplishment of various health benefits. People who opt for such diet plans also lead a healthy life free of any allergic reactions, infections or harmful health conditions.

Diet Plan and your blood type

The diet plan based on one’s blood type first divides people into different types of blood groups and then suggests different food items which fall in the categories of “beneficial foods,” “neutral foods” and “foods that must be avoided.”

Let us now throw some light on food items recommended for each blood group:

1. Blood Group O – This is the most commonly found blood group and in case you too belong to this blood group type, your meals must include lot haydiet_thumbof proteins. The type of proteins you must eat can comprise of fish, meat or proteins obtained from vegetarian items such as tempeh, tofu etc.

However, you are not the ideal candidate for consumption of dairy products and must also stay away from carbohydrates as much as you can.

This means less of butter, eggs, cheese, breads and pasta. Complementing such diet plan with regular aerobic exercises can help you achieve your ideal body weight in no time.

2. Blood group A – If you fall in this blood group type, you must stay away from dairy products and red meats. Your diet must comprise of vegetables, plenty of grains and fruits. It will help you tremendously if you consume high amounts of enzymes and lesser amount of hydrochloric acid, in order to enhance the digestion process of carbohydrates inside the stomach. Low intensity exercises like meditation and yoga will also help you greatly.

3. Blood group B – People falling in this blood group must stay away from pork and chicken. Their diet must comprise of fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Staying away from lentils and seeds is also recommended. Certain types of fruits which you must stay away from are pomegranates, star fruit, coconuts and avocados. Avoidable vegetables are radish, olives and pumpkin. Regular indulgence in hiking and cycling will help you achieve your ideal body weight and maintain it as well.

4. Blood group AB – Only 5% of the total world population falls in this blood group type. People falling in this category must adopt a diet plan which is a combination of both A and B blood group type foods. You can have as much dairy products, fruits, vegetables and seafood as you want to have.

Fish such as tuna, sardines and salmon will work best for you. However, avoid eating red meat since you have less stomach acid content, in which case red meat gets stored easily as fats. Both rigorous as well as low impact exercises will deliver great results for you.

Diet Plan and getting to your goal weight

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