Best Fat Burners for Women: Top 4 Ultimate Comparison

When we are discussing the Top 4 Fat Burners for women, we are talking about equally popular and revolutionary products.

These weight loss formulas have proven their efficiency repeatedly and numerous consumers claim it helped them slim down, even when other methods failed again and again.

While there is no miracle cure nor the overnight solution for excessive weight, these products give hope that one could improve their physical appearance with less effort, just like many others have succeeded.

We are going to have a look at the four best pills, revealing everything that should be known: action and benefits, as well as the negatives about each.

What is Fat Burner?

A fat burner is either an over the counter supplement or a prescription pharmacy solution designed to get one rid of excessive, unwanted adipose tissue by enhancing the natural fat loss process.

It can have a simple or a complex action, in any case, it is expected to act on the body’s inner mechanism of storing nutrients from food and transforming these into either fat or energy.

It does not make fat simply melt away magically. Also, it acts in time. A good fat burner will regulate this natural process and ‘reset’ it to normal functioning. When this happens, the individual makes proper use of the nutrients from food. Thus, meals are no longer fattening but provide the much needed energy.

Many of the fat burning products on the market also have other effects, such as suppressing the appetite or reducing cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

Some of these contain stimulants like caffeine or guarana and ginseng, to boost one’s energy levels ad fuel them for physical exercise.

best fat burners for women

How Do Fat Burners for Women Work?

Fat burners can work in so many ways – there isn’t only one process to describe here. Many such products are based on a thermogenic effect.

The human body is ale to generate heat on its own. This happened by burning substances from the food we eat or from what we stored (mostly fat). Certain compounds like the famous chili powder, which make us feel a warming effect, are in fact boosting the calorie-burning rate.

This means the body burns more stored fat on its own, under its influence. Other fat burners act directly on the hormones involved in our metabolism.

These modify the way endocrine glands work – for example, the thyroid, the gland with a central role in metabolic processes. Certain brands focus on handling cravings and excessive hunger. There is also a hormonal response involved here.

The formula acts on that, promoting quicker and longer-lasting satiety and thus fighting hunger. It cuts the appetite, helping one eat smaller quantities and fewer meals.

It depends on each individual to find the best type for them. Some only require a far burner that relies on a strong energizing effect. Feeling sluggish and lacking energy prevents one from engaging in exercise.

The usual solutions, like drinking coffee or coke, do not have the desired outcome, as these lead to exhaustion eventually.

Energy drinks cause palpitations and breathlessness quite often. For this reason, it is best to go for a smarter formulation for higher energy levels.

Therefore, hat fat burners really do is to give you a boost and help the body become more efficient at producing energy and getting rid of unwanted fat.

They do not act directly on the adipose tissue. However, you can make their effect superior if you do the following things.

Tweak your diet and eat smarter. Also, start exercising, nothing boosts fat melting like the power of these tactics combined.

Don’t get overexcited about a fat-burning supplement. Using more of it will not yield better results.

On the contrary, too many of its ingredients could wreak havoc and prevent your body from functioning properly. Always respect the recommended dosage and begin with the lowest dose.

What Makes A Good Fat Burner?

There are some general guidelines about fat burners but we will go more in detail. Of course, it’s a matter of brand/manufacturer and its reputation. Besides that, it also matters what kind of ingredients there are, plus their amounts or concentration.

A lot of products make use of newly discovered plants, spices, or fruits as sources of intriguing ingredients. Not all of these work or are truly beneficial.

Choose something which relies on well-documented ingredients, that were previously studied and tested. Some prefer an entirely natural product, while others would rather go for highly concentrated synthetic formulations.

The ones using natural extracts can also be very concentrated, though. When it comes to the energizing effect, it is better to rely on milder natural stimulants and avoid coffee, as this can wear you out or generate unpleasant side effects.

Therefore, make sure to check that on the ingredient list. Furthermore, a good fat burner makes moderate claims instead of fabulous promises.

There needs to e a dose of realism – if one is obese, they cannot expect to become totally slim in a matter of weeks. No product will be that impressive. It is impossible, both chemically and mechanically.

What to Avoid in Fat Burner

Women should first be concerned with the balance of their hormones. Many fitness and weight loss products rely heavily on hormones, which is an efficient solution that deals with a very common cause of weight gain: hormonal imbalance.

However, such products often contain testosterone or testosterone-boosting ingredients. This acts on the main masculine hormone – something that isn’t good for women.

While it really does help burn more fat and build lean muscle, it has unwanted effects such as excessive hair growth, breast, and hip shrinkage, voice deepening, etc. It is then logical for women to avoid testosterone-increasing formulas.

Other than that, one might want to skip the overly synthetic supplements and favor the ones made with natural ingredients. These are milder on the body and safer. Besides, natural compounds rarely have frightening side effects. Should there be any, the discomfort will be mild.

Best 4 Fat Burners for Women


phenq fat burnerMarketed as a pharmacy-grade weight loss pill, PhenQ is based on the ingredients that constantly appear in top slimming products: chromium picolinate, calcium carbonate, capsicum extract, and caffeine. In addition, it’s got nopal cactus extract and L-carnitine fumarate.

The product works best at suppressing the appetite, as you will immediately notice. Its main action is to eliminate fat stores through improved thermogenesis (the body’s inner ability to generate heat and burn fat for energy production).

The more one manages to stay in this state, the more of an effective weight loss they experience. Also, more energy means vigorous exercise becomes possible, triggering even more weight loss.


PhenQ appears to be a friendly product with immediate effect, which may sound like a paradox, given that most slimming pills do not work this way.

Furthermore, it is made with 100% natural ingredients, known to be completely safe for consumption, and efficient in maintaining a lean silhouette. Here is what PhenQ does:

  • elevates mood and energy levels
  • lowers the appetite quickly
  • increases the focus
  • balances blood sugar levels
  • boosts the metabolism and thermogenesis
  • reduces cell oxidation
  • controls unhealthy cravings (for sugar and carbs especially)
  • promotes satiety through its high fiber content
  • maintains the optimal weight through added calcium

An important note: you absolutely must treat it at all times as medication. This means taking it at regular hours and going only for the prescribed dose, nothing above it.


With only 25 mg of the main ingredient, the formulation is not as concentrated as expected. Research shows that bigger amounts are required to generate stunning effects.

There are no quantities given for the other ingredients in it, therefore it is impossible to tell if the product in itself can be beneficial or noxious. For this reason, many people are reluctant about trying out the product, as they would like ingredient amounts to be disclosed.

If we are to consider the reviews, it appears that some people experience positive results while a few others are not pleased.

In any case, there aren’t many complaints to be found. Do not take the pill after 3 pm, or it could seriously interfere with your sleep.

There’s a chance of going through a headache and nausea, anxiety, and an upset stomach at times.


PhenQ is quick to work as an appetite suppressant, it takes under a week to experience major changes in this regard. Many have reported losing about 4 pounds in one week only, therefore the fat-busting claims are genuine. The energizing effect is also real.

Moreover, it successfully targets ‘stubborn fat’ areas like the abdomen, hips, and thighs. It is more suitable for quick, short-term weight loss than for long-term results, however.

This might be a safer approach actually since it is impossible to tell the quantities of active compounds in the formula and their effects on health. Therefore, stick to limited usage and don’t go overboard. The results will be better if you are taking good care of your diet and exercising frequently.


2.Phen375phen375 fat burner

Any weight loss solution beginning with ‘Phen’ is known to be a strong one. After all, the original ones got banned. Current alternatives like Phen 375 have similar strength but lack the noxious side, as there is no Phentermine in these (an amphetamine-like compound).

This is a formulation with L-Carnitine, capsicum extract, citrus Aaurantium extract, chromium picolinate, and the very special coleus forskolin root extract. It has loads of benefits, sure to trigger weight loss more effectively than simply dieting. Could this be the ultimate fat burner?


With most other fat burners, you have to adopt an active lifestyle and a new diet to experience real change. Not with this one, however, which starts to work on its own immediately and regardless of your lifestyle. When taken regularly and just as directed, Phen375 can have a whole series of desirable actions:

  • boosts the metabolism, burns fat at a higher rate
  • can burn 5 pounds per week, as clinical studies revealed
  • suppresses the appetite
  • makes one feel full most of the time, but no starvation is involved
  • increases energy improves gym performance
  • boosts thermogenic action inside the body, thus burning more fat

Once it begins to work its magic, you can start making changes on your own, with an ease you never expected.

This means you can stop snacking, simply because you’re not craving extra food anymore you can limit your portions because your appetite subsides earlier; you can engage in exercise, as your energy now abounds.


The good news about Phen 375 – existing data shows that it is one of the safest products for weight loss to this date. There is a downside to Phen375, according to some: not all of its ingredients are natural but are produced synthetically.

If you are not bothered by that aspect, you could definitely try it out. After all, you will only be taking it for a limited period of time. Don’t go beyond the recommended amount, though.

Overdosing is not a good idea and it may lead to unwanted effects. It may increase blood pressure and lead to sleep disorders, and affect stool and cardiac activity, even if you take the prescribed quantity.

The side effects depend on each person and their particular tolerance to the substances involved.

It is important to take this product earlier in the day, as it increases energy levels and thus might keep one awake at night. Some dizziness is also possible. However, there are no real health risks associated with these side effects.


Phen375 is a weight loss monster that has even helped obese people slim down a considerable amount. If it can work out for them, it can do so for anyone.

A commitment to Phen 375 makes one develop healthier food preferences quite rapidly – in other words, it ‘resets’ their taste and modifies their culinary habits. The best results are achieved if you take this for at least 6 weeks straight.

This is a product often chosen by athletes over other similar products, due to its quality and effectiveness.

It is a must-try for anyone overweight who is experiencing frustration with conventional slimming methods, dealing with important amounts of unwanted fat or struggling with stubborn adipose tissue that does not go away with exercise.


3.Phen24phen24 fat burner for women

Labeled as a “weight loss miracle”, Phen24 keeps on getting loads of reviews from consumers. This is a pill solution that works round the clock. Thus, you won’t be eating less and accumulating less during the day, only to be putting it all back on at night.

The formulation takes care of your metabolic processes day and night. Considering this, one might be able to lose more weight within a shorter amount of time than expected. Through its subtle-level action, Phen24 burns calories by speeding up the metabolism.


To put it shortly here is what Phen24 does day after day:

  • increases the metabolism
  • keeps your metabolism at a high rate during the night, too
  • reduces cravings, including the ones at nighttime
  • burns calories and generates more energy than usual
  • contains no stimulants
  • fuels one for exercise
  • stimulated the thyroid gland
  • promotes a deeper, more restful sleep, which aids weight loss
  • formulated with glucomannan, one of the most powerful slimming ingredients in the industry


While it does have a whole series of desirable effects, Phen24 may cause a bit of trouble to some, especially to those sensitive to its compounds.

It does contain caffeine, which may not fare too well with certain people. In general, caffeine is known to cause a crash at some point in the day, leaving one drained and craving sugary treats.

You must be careful when trying to lose weight with such stimulants because it can ruin your efforts and sabotage your diet. If you don’t get along well with caffeine, you should avoid this pill.

As for the other side effects, Phen24 is one of the safest formulations in this niche. It may happen to cause, on rare occasions, vertigo, diarrhea, and headache. These are usually because of the caffeine content.


Phen24 is an attractive weight loss product because it relies on natural substances like guarana extract and cayenne powder, along with manganese, zinc citrate, copper sulfate, and iodine to stimulate the thyroid and phenylalanine for suppressing the appetite.

The night pill contains green tea and hops extracts, Griffonia, glucomannan, chromium picolinate, molybdenum, and B vitamins.

High metabolism is one of the main preconditions for weight loss and Phen24 is all about boosting your metabolic rate, to power up the natural fat burning process within the body.

It should be used with care though, as every “Phen” weight loss pill is concentrated – to the point of being recognized as “pharmacy grade”. Thanks to it day and night pills, it achieves a 24-hour effect. This means the pills do more work while you do less.

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4.Garcinia Extragarcinia

This is a weight loss product based on natural extracts from Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit well known to the Southeast Asian population and widely recognized for its fat-burning properties.

While the fruit has been popular for a very long time, its slimming effects have only been subject to scientific study in the 1990s.


Garcinia Extra apparently can accomplish a lot. Its manufacturers and fans are talking about a series of benefits that aren’t easy to experience at once. This is what a high quality, regularly taken garcinia extract can do:

  • suppresses hunger
  • lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • improves the mood
  • makes one feel better about exercise
  • kills internal parasites
  • helps feel full much faster
  • prevents the body from making new fat as it inhibits the citrate lyase enzyme (which turns carbohydrates into fat)

Being naturally sourced, many people feel like they can trust garcinia extract in their journey to weight loss. After all, the fruit is regularly eaten on the Asian continent.

It’s no heavy chemical, no lab-made synthetic substance to do eventually more harm than good. It does have a few side effects, still – read about these below.


When simply using the Garcinia cambogia fruit, there isn’t any real risk of overdosing. Asian people frequently use it for cooking. However, when the extract is concerned, we are dealing with something different. Given the concentration, there is a danger of toxicity.

Thus, taking garcinia extract in excess can harm the liver and make you weak. It has a whole series of side effects, usually mild, from headaches to skin rash and disturbed immune function.


Garcinia Extra is recommended as a multi-angled weight loss solution. Thanks to the very potent hydroxycitric acid or HCA, it can trigger long-lasting weight loss, stopping any excessive and unhealthy fat accumulation.

It helps one get in control of their cravings and hunger, putting an end to overeating.

However, the results are mixed. This is perhaps due to the positive effects garcinia extract has, as well as to the negative ones, brought on by overdosing.

Also, it is possible to fail using garcinia supplements when there’s an overall poor diet with loads of mistakes. It is worth trying though if you would rather have a natural product.


Final Conclusion

All of the 4 fat burners above rely on similar (multiple) actions. It’s their differences in ingredients, sources and quantities that can make an important difference. Some are entirely natural, like PhenQ, others have synthetic compounds, like Phen375.

Certain pills are quicker to act than others. All, however, get to boost the metabolism, increase the natural fat burning rate, give more energy and improve the mood.

It’s the same in-depth action everywhere and this does not imply a harsh, restrictive diet, or countless hours spent sweating at the gym. Pick the right product according to your own needs and don’t ignore any ingredient sensibilities you may have.


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