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Success is what each of us strives for in our life. An essential requisite for it is a healthy mind and body full of energy and motivation.

It helps you go all out for your life goals and achieve it with conviction. Unfortunately, most of us lack this mind-body balance due to varied reasons.

Of late, numerous health supplements have been flooding the market with the purpose of helping us achieve the fittest of the body with the healthiest of mind.

Amidst this, one extraordinary nutrition supplement, the Battle Ready Fuel has been garnering plenty of attention and some rave reviews. Here, we would throw light on various aspects of this nutrition supplement along with its candid review.

What is Battle Ready Fuel?

Battle Ready Fuel is a complete package of premium fitness, health and bodybuilding supplement that has been designed and developed by the celebrity, Ollie Ollerton.

Crafted from the highest quality of ingredients and boasting of a unique FDA approved formula; the supplement has been built to perform. The entire range of supplement is your ultimate partner in your diet and training endeavor.

This high-quality range of supplements is meant for just about everyone, from bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts to achieve all their personal goals by breaking all mental, physical and emotional obstacles.

It consists of 13 supplements which form stacks and are capable of helping you reach just about any goal you have set for yourself.

The supplement has been crafted with the help of various experts with medical grade ingredients to deliver performance level befitting the UK’s most elite organization, the SAS.

battle ready fuel

Who is Olle Ollerton?

Battle Ready is the brainchild of Olle Ollerton, the famous celebrity who became known to everyone from his TV show: ‘SAS: Who Dares Win.’

A former Special Forces member he had joined the Royal Marines in 1990 and had been part of many noteworthy operations, the first being that of Northern Ireland in 1990.

In 1991, he took part in Operation Desert Storm to evacuate the homeless Kurds arising due to the Iraq conflict. In 1994, he had a broken ankle but still cleared the rigorous test and joined the Special Boat Service, the naval equivalent of the SAS. This background gives him the invaluable insight into the importance of a healthy mind and body.

Once he left the Special Forces, he worked privately in Iraq for about five years. Then he formed his own company-the Break-Point which organized many SAS style corporate training and adventure events throughout the UK.

He also appeared in his own production show on the TV on Channel 4 called as SAS: Who Dares Win. The show has brought him immense popularity.

Under his company, the Break-Point, he also crafted the Battle Ready Fuel range of supplements with the help of few other SAS ex-members, nutrition scientists and sports performance experts.

The range of Supplements at Battle Ready Fuel

As already discussed, there are thirteen supplements which constitute the whole package. Let us throw light here on what each supplement is all about.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workoutbattle ready fuel pre workout

It is aimed to increase your energy and focus at the gym by motivating you to push all physical and mental barriers.

If you have been looking for reasons to avoid the gym this supplement can ignite you in ten minutes to crave for nothing more but burning yourself in the same gym.

It gives you intense energy and power boost and increases both your focus and endurance so that you can train better and harder.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to shred, trim down or bulk up; this is a potent partner in your goal achievement.

Battle Ready Fuel Pre Workout Fat Burnerbrf fat burner

This supplement does all the work of the previous supplement and helps you break all your limits in the gym. Apart from it, this supplement also contains ingredients that enhance the body’s fat burning capabilities.

It makes it an invaluable arsenal for those looking to obliterate fat from their body. It not only cuts on your appetite but also elevates your energy levels to new high so that you can work out beyond your limits.

Battle Ready Fuel BCAA

BCAA is the short form of Branch Chain Amino Acids. They are required for muscle repairs, restoration from fatigue as well as muscle growth.

Taking just one scoop of this supplement after training minimizes muscle fatigue, accelerates its recovery and rehabilitation and allows the body to build more muscles.

Few of its principal components are valine, leucine, and isoleucine in the ratio of 1:2:1 respectively.

These are known to enhance protein synthesis in the body. This supplement is not only vegan but also vegetarian-friendly. With this supplement, you not only avoid any overtraining injuries but are also able to work out day after day in the gym without requiring any rest day.

Battle Ready Fuel Creatinebattle ready fuel creatine

This supplement contains Creatine Monohydrate which is reputed as nature’s little ‘miracles.’

It is known to increase your strength and build your muscles at an appreciable speed. Within just a week of consumption of this supplement you can experience a muscle gain of about 2-4 lbs.

Moreover, its results are quite long lasting. You not only work better at the gym with it but are also able to eliminate fatigue and aches from your body at appreciable speed.

The compound is also a proven cognitive enhancer, i.e., it increases your focus and alertness level to help you pump better in the gym. Even when you are sleeping, the supplement works stealthily to add few extra muscle masses to your body.

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burnerbrf fat burner

It is one of the safest, natural and effective fat burner supplements that you can lay your hands on today in the market.

The supplement suppresses your appetite but electrifies your energy levels, boosts metabolism and even increases the fat burnout both during and after your workouts.

You might be facing your favorite food, but you still won’t be interested in eating them.

That’s the power of its hunger suppression. It means you can easily avoid junk and stick to more nutritious and healthy diet. All these cumulate to you getting a chiseled and muscular look in the smoothest of manner.

Battle Ready Fuel Fish Oilbattle ready fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acid is one of the essential components required by the human body for the top of the line health of mind and body. One of its most abundant sources is oily fish.

Against many other fish oil supplements available in the market, the BRF supplement has the fish oil of the highest quality and in the purest form, free from any potential contaminants.

With it, you would soon see an improved memory and cognitive performance with a more happy and positive mood at all times. Females can look forward to a baby-soft, smooth and glowing skin with it.

Other noticeable benefits of it are a reduction in the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and diabetes; reduction of system inflammation, muscle growth, increased fat loss as well as weight loss

Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagenbattle ready liquid collagen

Powder collagen has long been popular, but liquid collagen has emerged as the latest formulations in the health and wellness niche.

It is basically a highly sophisticated mixture of branched chain amino acids and protein.

The supplement also contains Tri-OptimizedTMin it which gives the supplement its exceptional efficiency.

The formulation is a stick of dynamite in helping your body recovers from fatigue and degeneration from intense exercise and workout.

Your performance is elevated significantly while your recovery time gets reduced appreciably.

Your muscles and joints health get better with improved mobility and lubrication, and all aches and pains of the body become a story of the past.

It is ideal for those looking to make their training session tougher as it decreases exercise-promoted serotonin production and even shields and fixes soft tissue.

Ladies love it as it boosts the deeper layers of the skin to produce more collagen and help them fade away the wrinkles and fine lines.

Body Ready Fuel Multivitaminsbattle ready multivitamins

Even though it is required in small doses, the importance of vitamins cannot be overstated. Vitamin deficiency is known to be the root cause of many diseases.

The supplement is a daily dose of health pills which packs all essentials vitamins and minerals required for both survival and flourishment.

It has about 12 vitamins and 13 minerals inside it which help in increasing your energy levels, improving muscle strength, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your memory and even elevate your mood.

Battle Ready Fuel Nootropicsbattle ready nootropics

Nootropics are nothing but a super vitamin for the brain. It improves your brain functionality by enhancing your power of concentration, focus, and alertness which pushes you to better productivity.

With the intake of this supplement, you can easily block out distractions and focus with an intensity at the gym.

Your cognitive and memory performance is also enhanced which helps you communicate more clearly, multitask more efficiently, improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.

All this increases your mental clarity and energy and takes your brain performance to the next level.

Battle Ready Fuel Whey Proteinbrf whey protein

While it is possible to meet all your protein requirements through food but the supplement makes your task much more accessible.

Whey protein has a high percentage of protein isolate which is not only a protein of a higher quality but is also more absorbable.

The supplement is also low on lactose which works great for all those allergic to dairy products. The whey isolate in the supplement is exceptionally pure and clean with low carbohydrate and fat content.

Each serving of it contains about 28 gm of protein. Moreover, it is high in leucine which is an essential requirement for protein synthesis in the body. With the chocolate flavor added, the taste of the supplement is also delicious.

Battle Ready Fuel Vegan Proteinbattle ready fuel vegan protein

Most vegans and vegetarians face a tough challenge in meeting their protein requirements through diet alone. This supplement bridges the gap and supplies sufficient protein for them.

The supplement contains pea and hemp protein and gives a whooping 25.5gms of protein per serving.

Lacking lactose, it is easy to digest and works well on any stomach, thanks to its additional digestive enzymes. Its peanut butter taste makes it a delight to consume. This cent percent plant protein is soy free and without any artificial sweetener and coloring.

Battle Ready Fuel Super Greensbrf super greens

It is only an inner healthy body that can optimize on the nutrients provided to it.

This top-notch super green supplement powder is packed with a whole plethora of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants such that you need not fret or worry about eating the right kind of foods.

Moreover, the nutrients of the supplement are easily absorbed by the body which ensures optimal utilization.

The supplement is formulated by the cold-drying method to ensure that the micronutrients remain reliable and protected.

With the supplement, not only are the digestive and the immunity system made more robust, but the body is also detoxed to the hilt.

The supplement is a pure vegan and vegetarian product which is again an added advantage.

Battle Ready Fuel Sleep Aidbrf sleep aid

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. It is only with deep and restful sleep that you can start the day with zeal and enthusiasm and keeps it going till the end of the day.

During your sleep hours, the body works to repair and reform all its processes.

With this supplement, you experience a more restful and deep sleep which leads to higher energy levels, enhanced metabolism, improved and accelerated muscle functionality and a more stable and happy mood.


Stacks of Battle Ready Fuel Supplement

battle ready fuel stacks

The entire range of supplement offers you eight stacks. These are nothing but a group of supplements that help you achieve your fitness goal in the best manner. The major stacks are:

Performance Stack

This stack is meant for individuals who want to train harder to be successful at any fitness event. Along with increased energy and strength; you also get sufficient motivation and strength to meet the higher demands of fitness training.

The products forming this stack are the BRF pre-workout; BRF creatinine; BRF BCAA, BRF fish oil, and BRF vitamins.

Build Muscle

It is an ideal stack for bodybuilders, athletes, and bulkers. It increases your endurance and energy to help you improve the intensity of the workout session.

Here, the lean muscles grow at an accelerated pace. Supplements constituting this stack are BRF vegan protein, pre-workout, creatine, BCAA, multivitamin and fish oil.

Ultimate Health

It is ideal for individuals experiencing extreme stress, fatigue, and low energy levels. The stack aims to flush out toxins from the body and reduce oxidative stress arising from consumption of unhealthy foods as well as pollution.

Its supplements range include sleep aid, super greens, fish oil, multi-vitamins, and liquid collagen.


It is only an enhanced brain performance that can lead to an improved body performance.

This stack of BRF constitutes a unique blend of nootropics, sleep aid, multivitamins, and fish oil supplements which cumulatively improve your clarity, focus, concentration, and determination.

Your attention gets laser-sharp, and you are able to make a fast decision with enough grit and determination.


This stack is meant to improve your all-around health and wellbeing of both body and mind. The stack works terrific for beginners foraying into the fitness world as well as seasoned professionals looking to refresh their basics. Products forming this stack are vegan protein, nootropics, pre-workout, BCAA, super greens, and fish oil.

Diet and Weight Loss

This is meant for all those looking to lose their excess weight. The primary aim of this stack is to accelerate more metabolism and burn more fat.

You experience intense energy and motivation to enhance the fat burning process, reduce appetite and remain healthy. Products forming this stack are pre-workout, fat burner, workout fat burner, multivitamin, and fish oil.


This stack is targeted particularly towards men to help them develop their dream body. The products of this stack are the pre-workout, pre-workout fat burner, the fat burner, fish oil, multivitamin, vegan protein, and the BCCA. It not only helps them work out more intensely but also remain energized throughout the day.


This stack is female-centric and helps them burn body fat and develop lean muscles for a firmer and better-shaped physique. It helps them combat the deficiency and stress of the nutritional deficiency and lifestyle stress in a much better way. Products of this stack are pre-workout, pre-workout fat burner, vegan protein, fat burner, multivitamins, and fish oil.

How Does Battle Ready Fuel Work?

We now know all the supplements of the group. All supplements have been crafted from top quality medical grade ingredients to show an effect deserving for Special Forces officer.

Each supplement has been crafted with a specific goal in mind. Creation of the stacks has been done to make the group function together as a complete program to help you achieve the specific goal you have in your mind. Simultaneously, each supplement can be used individually, or you can create your own stack as per your requirement.

Battle Ready Fuel Pros and Cons

The supplement has various pros and cons attached to it. Let’s throw light on them.


  • Created by an ex-army official, the supplement is an army grade quality which is a testimony of its effectiveness.
  • Crafted by reputed manufacturers under the flagship of Ollie Ollerton.
  • Highly effective in burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass in record time. ‘
  • Works towards both physical and mental wellbeing to bring about a sound and comprehensive health.
  • Ideal for both males and females.
  • Can be purchased worldwide with free shipping.
  • Helps you achieve your goals faster with no compromise.


  • The supplement can be purchased only from the manufacturer’s original website.
  • Owing to its high quality, the supplement is expensive compared to most other similar aimed supplements.
  • Unlike other supplements, it does not offer you a free first month.
  • Its effectivity is not uniform for all users. People with sedentary lifestyles do not get optimum results out of it.

Does Battle Ready Fuel work?

The range of Battle Fuel supplements is a premium nutritional level which gets your back completely covered. If you are on point with your fitness and health goals, then there can be no better partner than this range of supplements.

It has shown exceptional results in all individuals with an active lifestyle, even though individuals with a sedentary lifestyle may not be too happy with its results.

Purchase, Pricing and Shipping details

The supplements can be purchased only from its official website. It cannot be purchased from any other website like Amazon, Walmart, etc. It is also not available in any brick and mortar shop. It is trifle expensive but does come with free shipping worldwide.

Our Final Take on the Battle Ready Fuel Supplement

The supplement is no magic pill, but its effectiveness cannot be denied as well. Crafted from top quality ingredients it is meant for individuals with serious health goals who are looking for guaranteed success.

Upon consuming this supplement, your energy, performance, muscle structure and quality of muscle-repairing sleep will undergo a transformation.

Post it you will never be able to settle for any other mediocre supplements promising you the same results. You are bound to feel your mindset and physique elevate to a whole new plane. Even the manufacturing techniques of the supplement are an exceptional and top notch.

The confidence increases with the fact that the company offers a hundred percent money back guarantee to individuals who have not obtained satisfactory results with the product. The flip side is that you do not have a free trial.

However, the effectivity of the supplement is so comprehensive that it has got resoundingly positive feedback from its users. Hence, it is definitely recommended a supplement to try out and experience exceptional results.

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  • Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8.5/10
  • Price - 7/10
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