7 reasons why you are gaining weight

o-WEIGHT-LOSS-570There are many reasons that contribute to the weight gain. If you are conscious of the means through which you are gaining weight, you will take steps to prevent such ways. You should maintain BMI (Body Mass Index) as per your age and height.

If it is not in proportion to the expected numbers, you will face a number of health issues. Hence, you should be diligent to maintain your health by shedding the excess weight. Let us check the 7 reasons that let you gain weight in your body.

No control on the food intake

You should have control on the intake of food. You should know the quantity of food that you are eating without your knowledge. Unmindful eating should be avoided at all costs. If you take a heavy breakfast in the morning, you will not want to eat much all through the day. You should limit the quantity of food during the evenings. On the other hand, by having little food during mornings, it is not possible to contain your health. You will want to eat all through the day.

Processed foods

Processed foods are the main culprit for weight gain. When you purchase food items, you should know the contents of the food. The label should be studied to know the ingredients. If there are any fat causing food items, you should avoid such items. On the other hand, most of the processed foods are full of calories. The excess energy will accumulate in your body and will lead to various health complications.

No exercise

If you do not have sufficient daily exercise, the new fat will accumulate in your body and you cannot remove the existing fat in your body. Hence, you should have a regular exercising pattern so that you can make the most from your life.

Stressful life

If you are going through stressful life, it will lead to obesity. There should be moments to relive your stress. The stress might develop in the office or at home. You should take corrective measures so that you will not suffer with excess weight.


It is required to adapt a healthy lifestyle. The food habits, exercising routines and sleep patterns will greatly influence your overall health. You should have an active social life and seasons of refreshment so that there will mental and physical health.

Lack of sleep

It is very much required to have sufficient hours of solid sleep. An average person needs sleep anywhere between 6 and 8 hours. If you are deprived of your sleep, there will be a number of side effects. You will not be active all through the day. You will eat more food than that is required for your body. This will lead to increase in weight.

Not tracking of weight

It is required to keep track of the weight of your body. If you are suffering from excess weight, you should check your weight on a constant basis. By checking the weight, you will take corrective measures. If the weight is unchecked, it will grow beyond your control.

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