5 Best Weight Loss Apps

weight loss appsThe Apple store boasts over 500,000 apps, while the Android system tips the scales with a hefty 600,000 applications and 20 billion downloads so far.

Apple’s commercial, bragging that “there’s an app for that,” became a self-fulfilling prophecy, with different apps popping up for some of the strangest reasons.

One app, for example, was called “I Am Rich” and cost $963.71 and did absolutely nothing, except maybe helped you feel so wealthy that you can literally flush money down the toilet. As ridiculous as it sounds, eight Apple users purchased “I Am Rich” before Apple withdrew it from its app store.

Despite the fact that there are some seriously disappointing apps out there, this open market has paved the way for some of the best weight loss apps that this world has ever seen.

1. Noom Weight Loss

noom-weight-loss-02While weight loss support groups might be expensive and inconvenient, Noom Weight Loss is a free app available on the Android market that helps you “track your food intake to help keep you accountable” and even keeps track of your daily out and about activities to see how many calories you’re really burning each day.

Noom Weight Loss also helps you keep track of your goals by allowing you to set a number of pounds lost and a time frame to do it in. Noom Weight Loss will even let you know how ambitious your goal is and what the average success rate is attached to it.

2. Endomondo

Another free app, Endomondo Sports Tracker is designed to help runners, bikers, hikers and anyone else who likes to keep track of exactly how far and fast they are moving each day.

Drawing on the sophisticated GPS capabilities of your smart phone, Endomondo tracks your distance, keeps track of your speed and even gives you a pep talk every time you break a mile. You can find Endomondo on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

3. Lose It!

Input your current weight and goal weight and Lose It! will calculate how many calories you have to eat each day, how much you should exercise and when you can expect to have lost all the weight — give or take.

Lose It! even comes with an online community that can offer support and a sense of camaraderie so that you can help keep each other accountable for your weight loss goals. And when you are trying to eat low-calorie meals, you can refer to Lose It!’s online database of caloric and nutritional information. You can find Lose It! free on Android and Apple systems.

4. Locavore

If you are going to try to cut down on calories without cutting down on nutrients, you will want to choose fresh, local food over processed and packaged alternatives.

Locavore helps you learn what is in season and how many days you have to enjoy the most flavor and nutrients.

By using your GPS system, Locavore can also tell you the closest places to buy food that is locally grown and in-season.

Eating produce that is at its peak will also help you enjoy foods, like low-calorie vegetables, without all those “flavor” additives like butter and cheese sauce.

5. Eat This, Not That!Eat-This-Not-That-iPhone-App

Although losing weight is the easiest when you have a few hours each day to prepare delicious and low-calorie meals yourself, life just isn’t perfect and you’re going to have to eat outside your home at least a few times when you are on your diet.

When those times come, Eat This, Not That! is designed to help you make good decisions; exposing foods that are ridiculously high in calories, while they might not appear to be — think dressing-drenched Caesar salads.

And if you think you can do this kind of calorie-computing for yourself, would you know what has more calories, a cheeseburger or a chili dog? Eat This, Not That! can be found on Android and Apple (and the cheeseburger has more calories, if you’re still wondering).