12 Weight Loss Tips for Sedentary People Who Don’t Go to the Gym

It is unanimously accepted that being active and engaging in sports is the only sure way to lose excessive weight. Does this mean that people who have no time to invest in fitness related activities have no change to become slim? It’s not exactly so. These individuals can work on their diets and also tweak their daily activities to ensure better chances to burn fat. Here’s how to achieve it.

1. Stand, walk, climb stairs

Even when all you do is work in an office building, go home and then repeat the whole cycle, you can have a better approach. When possible, choose to stand instead of sit on a chair. Choose to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Walk as much as you can outside your working hours.

2. Opt for the better kind of stimulants

It’s easy to reach for a coke or a coffee when you need an energy boost and clarity of mind, but these tend to cause a crash later on, leaving you craving for a sweet snack. Also, you’ll get plenty of sugar in your coke and have some, along with milk, in your coffee, too.

This means a lot of extra calories on a daily basis. Even a cappuccino can have the same unwanted effect. Drink instead unsweetened green and black tea and don’t be afraid to have several cups a day, as the effect is milder. To sweeten it, opt for stevia, which is natural and harmless.

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3. Drink more water

By drinking plenty of water you regulate an impressive number of bodily processes. You fix your digestion, hormones, muscles and skin, even your brain starts to work better.

Water makes you feel energized and helps the body burn away fat cells. Ideally, you should drink 10 ounces of water about 6 times a day. Make sure you’re getting clean water – sodas and soups don’t count. On the contrary, these will be counter-productive when you have weight loss goals.

4. Spices instead of sauce

Obviously, if you’re hoping to lose weight, you’re minding your diet and opting for healthier or low-calorie food. However, going for a rich sauce with your meals will sabotage your efforts. This aspect is too often overlook, as people believe sauce doesn’t matter.

Still, most of these contain loads of sugar, fat, flour and many other ingredients that are fattening. To keep the calorie count low and enjoy tasty meals at the same time, use spices. It’s even better knowing that many of these, the ‘hot’ ones especially, have a thermogenic effect, thus increasing the temperature within your body, boosting your metabolism and making you burn more fat.

5. Weight loss pills

Take your time to research the weight loss pill market and choose something that seems trustworthy. Customer reviews will give you the best clue on that. The ones that seem to work are based on various pharmacy-grade concoctions containing ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee or green tea extract, chilli peppers and more. These can trigger important mechanisms inside your body, which prompt it to turn stored fat into energy and burn it away

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6. Smaller meals

Exercise portion control and divide your three big daily meals into five or six. By eating less but more often, you don’t get your body into fasting mode, but make it hurry up to digest food and expect a next portion soon. Your body thus knows it’s being fed frequently, so there is no need to store nutrients as fat. In consequence, your metabolism gets a boost.

7. Oats for breakfast

Oats keep you full as they are slow to digest and release energy gradually. Eating oats for breakfast will provide you with much needed nutrients but none of the fattening ingredients, as long as you only pair these with some fresh fruit.

8. More protein, less carbs

People facing weight issues tend to eat a lot of simple carbohydrates from bread, pasta, pizza, crackers, potatoes, sweets etc., while they forget about protein. Tip the balance in favor of protein to watch your fat melt down. Be careful though, do not consume meat or fish with fat, it will certainly sabotage you. Instead, choose plant protein.

9. Keep a food diary

It’s difficult to keep track of everything you eat, which is why you need a diary for that. Once you have it, you might just realize that “a few guilty pleasures here and there” are in fact big, high calorie snacks that accumulate day by day and make you fat. We can easily fool ourselves, but that stops when we track down every food that goes in, including beverages. This is an essential step in portion control and calorie cutting.

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10. Regular meals

Don’t keep your body guessing. When it doesn’t know whether you’re going to feed it soon or not, it starts saving calories to have energy for later. Eating at regular hours, on the other hand, makes such measures unnecessary and helps you lose weight.

11. Avoid fast food

Fast and highly processed food has so much more in it than the recipe or label tells. To treat you to a delicious taste, producers put a lot of sugar, salt and fat in it, not to mention that many such foods are deep fried.

If you don’t have enough time to cook, you don’t need to choose readily made meals or snacks that are bad for you. Reach out for fresh fruit, for plain yogurt or nuts when you need to renew your energy. As for the main meals, do your best to sit down and eat something wholesome and with as little processing as possible.

12. Sauna therapy

Go to the sauna to burn fat while doing nothing at all. It’s relaxing and very good for your overall health. Book sauna sessions and allow yourself to sweat – your body will be getting rid of so much extra fat it’s been storing.

You can keep your weight under control even when you’re too busy or low on energy to get to the gym. With a little bit of attention and some discipline, you can acknowledge and change your bad behaviors that make you put on weight.

Roger Kruger
Roger Kruger
Roger is an editor at Dietarious.com, he is passionate about dieting, bodybuilding, and weight loss supplements.


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